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The Great Equalizer

Traditional schools have set start/end dates for semesters and school year, pass/fail grades, grade levels, age requirements, and residence requirements. But one size does not fit all. If life circumstances prevent a student from working within these traditional requirements, the all too often result is that he/she becomes a dropout. I am sure though that you know someone who was a dropout who took advantage of another chance to make a success of their life.

Non-traditional educational schools offer learners the opportunity to study when they are ready, at a pace at which they are comfortable, and often the ability to graduate when they are ready to meet graduation requirements, not on a set date. Such schools though, due to lower funding, often can only offer a bare-bones learning experience. Second chance education should not have to be a second-class education.

We believe that students in a non-traditional school should have all of the educational services that are found in traditional schools. That is true educational equality! The ASHS Legacy Foundation addresses such disparities by supporting non-traditional schools to add essential services that will raise skill levels, broaden the learning experience and better prepare students for life-opportunities.

Join us in helping others achieve their educational and life goals.



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