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Striving to improve the educational quality of non-traditional schools

Did you attend an alternative school?

Tell us how attending an alternative school helped you to improve your educational skills, graduate, get a better job, learn a new language, etc. Did your alternative school education help you achieve a better life?

What will your legacy be?

Your legacy could be enriching the educational experience of alternative students to be comparable to that of traditional schools.

Non-Traditional Education Changes Lives


Meet Elliot Melendez.  High School dropout.  Alternative school graduate.

  • Harvard Medical School

  • Division Head, Pediatric Critical Care, Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Elliot says:  

Having dropped out of high school due to social stressors, it became clearly evident that opportunities for a Latino high school dropout from the Bronx were minimal. I attempted to return to the high school I attended, and was told I could not go back to the school as it was not my zoned school. I pleaded that my zoned school had a high dropout rate and wanted to get back into my high schools and make it right. I was told that this had been heard and an exception would not be made.


I found the ASHS Clemente Center through a friend who had attended previously. The program individualized my education to my learning style. Instructors like Mr. Gary Wilder, counselor Ms. Gwendolyn Trimble, and principal Ms. Alma Warner saw in me, and in others, the potential that we could become, if nurtured and supported. They did not end their support with getting the GED, they facilitated my attendance to college and little did they know, they started a path toward success.

Come With Us




Not every student learns in the same way or at the same time.  Non-traditional schools provide opportunities to succeed by using methodologies suited to students' needs.

Public non-traditional schools can be magnet, charter, individualized learning plans, vocational, special education, adult education, travel-restricted (hospital or correctional), etc.

Students most often leave traditional schools for non-academic reasons, such as health challenges, family responsibilities, special talents or interests, behavioral issues, learning disabilities, language barriers and more.

Non-traditional schools are grossly under-funded, causing huge disparities in the educational services and experiences they are able to provide compared to those of traditional schools.

Non-traditional students are entitled to a quality education, but without support the services offered are not on par with traditional schools.

ASHS Legacy Foundation is striving to provide these students with additional learning opportunities and educational equality.  Together we are changing the future for these students and for generations to come.

ASHS Legacy Foundation provides grant opportunities to any public non-traditional school, any age or level, in the New York tri-state area.

We partner with schools to provide student services current funding does not meet, such as mentoring, after-school or summer programs, counseling, internships, STEM equipment, college prep and more.

We can only partner with these schools with your support.  Come with us.

Nancy Chung.jfif

In this eye-opening, often heart-wrenching just published memoir, Nhi (Nancy) Manh Chung tells of escaping Vietnam by boat (three of her family members didn't survive the journey) and settling in New York City. Her hardships gradually ease as she works her way through alternative school then college, marries, and works as a bilingual teacher at Auxiliary Services for High Schools.

Share her life of sadness, happiness, self-discovery, her life as a teacher, and her admirable survivor's strength.

Purchase the book here ($15) and 100% of the purchase price goes to the ASHS Legacy Foundation.

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