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Partner with the ASHS Legacy Foundation to add needed educational experiences for students in non-traditional schools

Rey Warner

Jill-Basye Featherston

Deboriah Pogue

Ann Organisciak

Richard Rivera

Blanca Pacheco

Marc McKenzie

Janelle Honeywell

Leon Merrick

Theresa Hollingsworth

Danny Morris

Ralph & Bettye Balfour

Eric Facey

David Cornish

Paulette Martin

Cyndi Mayer

Cornell Reese

David Greenspan

Margaret Bing-Wade

Debbie Meyer

Monique Weekes

Sandra Sutain

Joyce Hodge

H.S. Becker

Irving Geddis

Alma Torres-Warner

Partners In Making a Difference

Corporate Partners

Walmart Foundation

Champions For Change ($1,000+)

Ambassadors For Change ($500-999)

Partners For Change ($100-499)

Timothy Abraham

Keith L. Honeywell

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